AXI 7300

The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

AXI 7300

(130KV inline system)

The AXI 7300 is a state-of-the-art inline X-ray inspection system equipped with inlet and outlet conveyors.


The AXI 7300 has advanced features that significantly enhance its capabilities. These include a cutting-edge linear motor transport system that enables quick and accurate object movement, a large inspection area, and a high-resolution FPD. The AXI 7300 model maintains its original offline analysis and inspection mode while connecting to the SMT production line for high-capacity automatic inline full inspection.

The X-ray equipment is a fully shielded radiation enclosure to ensure complete safety. The AXI 7300 is ideal for precise testing in various industries, including SMT, lithium batteries, and precision injection molding. The X and Y axes of the system offer a travel range of 650mm x 550mm, and a specialized module is included to detect bubbles or voids in electronic components with BGA, QFN, or QFP packaging. The system also supports teaching functions for various product inspections. Barcode automatic recognition and automatic report storage are optional add-ons to complete the user friendly software interface.