MY700 jetting

The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

MY700 The next generation in jetting

Dual lanes. Dual heads.

Twice the possibilities.


The future of SMT production is increasingly complex. Denser boards, a wider range of miniaturized components, more NPIs and erratic production schedules. As these high-mix challenges go mainstream, real productivity and throughput suffer. And we’ve only just seen the beginning. At Mycronic, we’ve devoted decades of experience to solving precisely these challenges. With the industry’s fastest, most flexible and most precise jet printing and dispensing systems.

      • dual heads for productivity
      • dual lanes for smart board handling and buffering
      • high-speed high-accuracy dispensing
      • solder paste and a wide range assembly fluids
      • board revisions on-the-fly and changeovers in no time


      Three high-speed models. One state-of-the-art platform.

      The MY700 high-speed jet dispensing platform for solder paste and a wide range of assembly fluids, incorporates three highly productive machine models, each one with its own set of unique capabilities.

      MY700JD – Jet Dispenser
      MY700JP – Jet Printer
      MY700JX – Jet Printer and Dispenser

      A highly advanced motion system makes it possible to dispense fluids on-the-fly at 300 dots per second and 3g acceleration with superior accuracy. Dot volume, size and shape are easy to adjust and optimize for each individual component and pad on the board. The MY700 is a software driven platform and requires no or little operator intervention resulting in a consistent and accurate result for each and every component on the board every time. The dual-lane option allows for efficient handling of boards in the line eliminating board transfer times to virtually zero. The MY700 is equipped with a state-of-the art vision system providing fiducial recognition on-the-fly and accurate laser height measurement to automatically compensate for board stretch and warpage that will secure the quality of the dispensing result. All this in a compact package, accessible both  front and rear with a footprint of no more than one-and-a-half square meters.


      Double up on versatility, speed and precision

      The MY700 Jet Printer and Jet Dispenser is unbelievably fast, precise and allows you to produce complex boards with a speed of more than one million dots per hour. The MY700 handles flexible substrates, LED boards, cavities and package-on-package applications without hassle. Its non-contact nozzle that jets with high precision makes every solder paste deposit perfect, reducing the need for re-working and increasing overall throughput. Dispensing glue or other assembly fluids with the same machine, in the same process step, saves space in the factory. Encapsulation, selective coating, dots and lines with epoxy, glue or other assembly fluids are impressively fast.


      Smarter software for intelligent automation

      The MY700 is a 100% software driven platform and allows you to prepare new jobs off-line in just minutes. Simply import CAD or Gerber data, optimize for any particularly challenging components, and cut your response time to your customer down to minutes instead of days. Simpler jobs can be prepared right at the machine for modifications on-the-fly. MY700 can easily be integrated into a fully automated production line, allowing for changes of product down to batch size one, with no human intervention. By logging each board’s bar code ID along with process data you’ll make sure you keep your production history safely stored and traceable.

      Case - Maruwa


      Located in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Maruwa Electronics & Chemical have supplied electronic products to the automotive industry for 30 years. Mr. Tsuji, Executive Director explains that the days of mass production are over. In recent years, a monthly output of 5,000 units per series is considered a large order. High-mix, small-batch production is now crucial for survival with “batch size one” production as the ultimate goal.



      By automating the production line, the various processes could be unified into one flow, so a single production line could build numerous products regardless of model. With a flexible production line that features a Jet Printer from Mycronic, the company can now eliminate inefficiencies related to lengthy changeovers that used to stop the line for 15 minutes.



      A production process aimed at zero level inventories, reduced hidden running costs and improved material yield with over 30 %. The company could cut customer response time to as low as 4 hours delivery due to the increased flexibility and could also lower the company’s environmental load.


      “This machine makes our company strong. It not only changes the way we make our products, but also how we train our people”, concludes Mr. Tsuji.


      Machine PCB Component
      Printing frequency
      1.080.000 DPH

      Gantry XY, 3g

      1.600 kg
      3.530 lbs

      Solder pastes
      SMT adhesive

      Max board size
      510 x 580 mm**

      Min dot size
      215 um*

      Max dot size
      600 um*

      Board types

      3D cavities
      Lead frame
      Flat chips


      * The minimum and maximum dot size depends on selected ejector type and paste/adhesive

      **Longer boards can be handled with external conveyors