Mycronic MYC

The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

MYC inline coating

Conformal coating made easy

electronic protection

with precision and versatility

The protection of electronic assemblies is becoming more and more complex and
requires ever higher levels of performance, versatility and precision.

New assemblies can no longer be dipped or sprayed manually. Manual masking increases workload and costs. Coating has evolved from a niche process to a mainstream requirement as electronics are used in increasingly demanding environments where protection is critical. The selective and precise deposition of Conrofmal Coating materials makes the electronics more robust while reducing volatile organic compounds and lowers operating costs.

  • Fast, stable operation
  • Automated spray pattern change
  • Flexible multi-axis control for complex processes
  • Powerful process controls for more quality
  • Barcode-defined program selection


High precision motion platform

The MYC50 is a high-performance, conformal coating system that ensures non-stop throughput in a range of high-volume applications. With a rugged frame structure and advanced motion configuration systems, it offers manufacturers the ideal combination of speed and precision for an endless number of coating needs.


Versatile multi-axis control

Flexible multi-axis controls allow the programming of a variety of complex spray functions. Configure with a two-valve system for simultaneous or asynchronous application of two different spray levels. Execution of high-precision dosing applications and automatic changeover of the coating valves without downtime. Regardless of the demanding applications of the future, the MYC50 with its triple-mode spray valve, film coating valve or needle valve manages all while ensuring the highest level of accuracy, quality and line utilization.


Advanced software-driven automation

Based on an easy-to-use interface, the MYC50 gives users access to a powerful suite of process control features. From barcode traceability to fan width control to glue temperature and glue circulation heating, a variety of parameters can be easily monitored to ensure stable process conditions. Automatic barcode scanning can also be programmed to perform functions such as PCB transfer, fast valve cleaning, and multi-valve patterning for synchronous coating applications.


Intelligent coating made easy

The result is a high-performance, easy-to-use, easy-to-program platform yet powerful enough to enhance inline operation with volume, complexity and ever-increasing automation requirements. So you are optimally prepared for the production challenges of tomorrow.