Mycronic MYD

The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

MYD in-line Dispensing in high volume production

Mass production

in 24/7 applications

Dispensing has transitioned from simple lines or dots to a highly specialized equipment. Precise and repeatable volumes of material enable the continuous advancement of electronics packaging. From semiconductor packaging to electronics enclosures, no two requriements are the same. The MYD Series of dispensers are tailored to exceed your requirements whether it be long boards, cleanroom environment, high precision or general purpose dispensing. This family of dispensers has been proven in 24/7 environments to be ready for your current and future applications.

    • Unmatched production value
    • Non-contact jetting technology
    • Semi- or full automation
    • Low maintenance and long service life
    • High-precision dispensing volume control


    Underfill, silver epoxy or flux. High-speed SMA, glob top or solder paste jetting. Spanning a wide range of formats, price points and advanced automation features. The MYSmart series gives you a complete portfolio of tabletop and in-line dispense solutions to ensure the right fit for any production environment. 

    Versatile in-line dispensing equipment

    For high-volume consumer electronics manufacturers, the MYSmart series offers a wide range of economical in-line dispense solutions, together with a comprehensive portfolio of valve technologies.

    Proven high volume applications

    These highly flexible platforms have proven themselves in semiconductor packaging applications such as underfill, silver epoxy or flux, as well as high-speed SMA, glob top or solder paste jetting for PCB assembly.

    Two main platforms, many possibilities

    The compact MYD10 enables highly advanced non-contact jetting for enhanced dispensing uniformity, throughput and material utilization. For higher-precision applications such as complex chip packaging, the powerful MYD50 platform further boosts productivity with linear motor motion control.

    The MYSmart in-line dispensing solutions, proven in the most advanced production environments, make it possible to handle a vast array of current and emerging products, assembly fluids and package types.