Smart Rack for Stencils

The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

Smart Rack for Stencils

(Modular Concept)

The Scienscope Smart Stencil Rack has been engineered to enhance the efficiency of storing and retrieving solder stencils.



With a retrieval or storage time of a few seconds per stencil, this innovative system minimizes operator’s time locating the appropriate position for their stencil. Instead, they can insert the stencil into any available slot with a built-in sensor.

To further expedite the retrieval process, the precise location of the desired stencil is illuminated, enabling the operator to locate and verify the correct stencil without extensive searching swiftly.

Moreover, the Smart Stencil Rack has been designed to accommodate stencil sizes from 23” x 23” up to 29” x 29”, with spacing to accommodate stencils with widths of 5mm, 20mm, and 40mm.