Stallion plctt

The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

Stallion plc fc jw

  1. Field proven model with over 250 installations
  2. Power saving model with 6 Kw power consumption
  3. 170 Kg solder pot
  4. Pallet (Carrier) type conveyor for max PCB width 300mm
  5. 3, 4, & 5 degree adjustable conveyor angles
  6. Foam fluxer
  7. High-efficiency IR pre-heater
  8. 'O-Wave' option for SMD soldering
  9. PID Control for pre-heaters and solder pot
  10. Highly reliable AC motors with in-built speed control for stable wave height, SMD O-Wave and conveyor speed
  11. Auto WaveON and Weekly/Daily Timer
  12. Auto Flux Density Controller option