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The TM-400 series offers a simple and compact automated taping system in a table-top machine. Each of the series options specializes in a particular input—tube, tray, bowl, or open module—for OEM use. A 2D vision over tape verification system ensures components are correctly oriented. Set up is simple via touch screen interface, minimizing interaction to ensure fast, dependable and accurate operations.

Spec Sheet: The TM-400

Product Specs

  • Production output: Carrier tape pitch 2-144mm, 8-72mm width
  • Minimum part sizes: 2mm x 2mm or 0805 (operator/settings dependent) Device Size Chart
  • Dimensions: H 39.5" (100cm) x W 53" (135cm) x D 35.5" (90cm), Weight 217 lbs (98.5 kg)
  • Power required: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz AC, Air 5 SCFM at 85 PSI
  • Ability to rotate components +/- 90° or 180°
  • Placement speed: UPH 2000-3500 (device dependent)