Xspection 3000

The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

Xspection 3000

(130KV flagship offline inspection)

The Xspection 3000 descends from the Scienscope X-scope 3000, which has become the most popular X-ray machine since its introduction in 2011.


The flagship of the offline X-ray inspection systems from Scienscope provides all necessary features from hardware and software point of view to provide the best quality assurance and process stability in your factory.

The X-ray machine has two main variants, the conventional 100kV version and top of the line 130kV close tube technology with zero tube maintenance required.

Its development is principally the culmination of years of experience and constant feedback from our clients all over the globe. Since its inception in SMTAI in MN in November of 2022, Xspection 3000 has quickly been concluded by industry experts as the insurmountable equipment for applications including but not limited to Multilayer PCBs, voids, semiconductors, barrel fill(THT), and Li Battery.