The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

SMD Inspection with Smart Line

Desktop AOI System for efficient inspection of small batches.

The compact design enables space-saving utilization at various places within the production process.

The optical inspection quality is ensured by the unique multispectral illumination and integrated reference data base.

SMD Inspection with Basic Line

Stand-alone AOI System for manual Loading and flexible Adaptation of different Assemblies

The BasicLine can also be utilized as a separate repair station and is characterized by a comfortable fault classification via keyboard.

A multitude of variants and settings in illumination and camera make the system a highly precise and fast inspection device. Customized configurations and technical upgrades are also possible.

Advanced Line · 3D / Advanced Line

Inline AOI System for flexible Integration Opportunities

The Advanced Line AOI system’s decisive advantage is the multitude of opportunities for inline integration into the production process. The system can be utilized at each position in a PCB production line. No requirements or specifications will remain unfulfilled as your boards can be transported in each direction.

The Advanced Line can be applied inline and also as a stand-alone system.

Additionally, the system captivates through opportunities with camera and illumination configurations. The sum of all components and parameters incl. high resolution and inspection safety guarantees the highest quality for your mounted PCBs.

SMD Inspection of PCBs with Vario Line

Vario Line

AOI All-Rounder Vario Line for the Highest Quality Standards

Vario Line combines the best in fault detection, customer specificity and economic viability using 3D measurement technology and 2D image capturing. Four angled-view cameras and the additional rotary drive allow shadow-free inspection and measurement from 360 angles. A new axis system based on linear actuators has also been integrated, which impress with outstanding dynamic features and highest positioning speeds.

The Vario Line is “3D Ready” and can be equipped with the module 3D · ViewZ upon request.

SMD Inspection with Turbo Line

Turbo Line
Inline AOI System for High-End Inspection in Large Scale Production

The Turbo Line AOI system’s special features are opportunities for double-sided inspection as well as various camera and illumination configurations.

It is possible to inspect the PCB bottom side without assembly turning. This is a decisive advantage over common AOI systems as inline speed is guaranteed. The rotatable angled-view and the segmented band module also help for faster inspection.