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1 PR Filtration

The 1 Phase rinsing Filtration system makes it possible to rinse Printed Circuit Boards and stencils with de-mineralized water with a conductivity of about 0.5 uS and a pressure of 0.2 bar. The filtration system is firmly attached to the cleaning system structure.

2 PR Filtration

This Two-Phase Rinsing FILTRATION system operates continuously in two phases of rinsing. In the first phase the rinsing water flows through a mechanical filter with a pressure of 1 bar and a conductivity of 400uS. The second rinsing phase enables the circuit board or the template to be rinsed with demineralized water at a pressure of 0.2 bar and a conductivity of around 0.5uS. Having both of these phases ensures perfect cleaning of the parts.

External filtration

Large-capacity external filtration system uses the sandwich filtration continuously connected in three filter tanks. These are interconnected by distribution pipes and placed on a separate structure with rollers, which ensures the possibility of connecting to any type of cleaning system. Maintenance and service can be done without disassembly.