Smart Rack for Reels

The ultimate choice for a fast moving generation

Smart Rack for Reels

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The Scienscope modular Smart Storage Rack represents the ultimate solution for electronic component storage.



This state-of-the-art product ensures traceability, accuracy and ease of use, especially when paired with a Scienscope Incoming Material Station or Component Counter. With our Smart Storage Rack, you can easily keep track of your inventory with unique ID numbers for each component, enabling FIFO/FEFO retrieval from their designated storage locations.

Our cutting-edge product boasts advanced features such as automatic reel placement, removal detection, and multi-color LEDs for simultaneous multi-kitting, ensuring optimal efficiency in your business operations.

Furthermore, our Smart Storage Rack seamlessly integrates with any MES system, making it the preferred choice for businesses seeking to streamline their electronic component management.